Tooth extraction is one of the most common surgical measures in dentistry. In preparation for any surgical operation, the possible medication of the patient must be discussed. The patient must also be informed of possible complications and side effects as well as instructions for care after the treatment.

48 hours after the procedure, one should apply cold to the wound and abstain from coffee and alcohol. Athletic activity and heavy physical work should also be avoided. In general, rest and recovery of the patient should be the highest priority. Not allowing the body to rest can lead to complications such as post-surgery bleeding or infection of the wound.

The patient should routinely rinse out the mouth with an antibacterial mouthwash. Food containing seeds should be avoided, as they can become lodged in the wound and cause infections.
The surgery itself is mostly accompanied by local anesthesia and should never be painful. In some exceptions antibiotics are given to reduce inflammation and other side effects.
After the extraction of the tooth, the wound is sewn and sometimes filled with collagen to prevent bone loss.

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