Professional Tooth Cleaning (PTC)

Prophylaxis is the medical term for routine dental checkups and professional tooth cleaning. They are important for cleaning difficult-to-reach areas, reducing discoloration, and preventing cavities and gum disease.


Prophylaxis and Professional Tooth Cleaning for children

Instructing how to practice proper dental hygiene is an important element of prophylaxis for children. We can ensure best results by adapting the routines and methods to the particular needs of our patients. Professional cleaning is the ideal complement to daily dental hygiene at home.

An international study by the DAJ (Deutsche Arbeitsgemeinschaft für Jugendzahnpflege e.V.) on the prevalence of caries in children confirmed the benefits of prophylaxis and PTC: it was demonstrated that nearly 80 percent of children aged three to twelve in Germany had no cavities. This puts Germany in the lead with Denmark in an international comparison.

Reasons for the reduction of caries in children are likely to be parents’ growing understanding of the effects of diet and sugar consumption and proper instruction in dental hygiene. Other significant factors are improving education in dental hygiene, routine checkups and professional teeth cleaning in dental practices.


Prophylaxis and PTC for adults

Checkups aren’t just important for kids. In fact, they gain importance with increasing age, because difficult-to-reach areas of fillings and crowns need special attention. Brushing your teeth twice a day for two minutes only removes 40 percent of the bacteria that reside on your teeth and gums. Additional use of floss and interdental brushes can further reduce the amount of germs.

We can instruct you in the use of all of these tools. However, a large portion of the bacteria remains unchecked and can cause cavities and gum disease. During a professional teeth cleaning, all areas will be cleaned thoroughly and your teeth will be polished. This creates a perfect basis for your daily dental hygiene at home.

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