Microscopic Root Canal Treatment

The widely disliked root canal treatment has become more and more of a specialists job. The ideal treatment of the root canal, especially according to latest standards, requires a lot of experience, patience, and comprehensive education from the dentist. Through new developments and techniques in dentistry, it is now possible to perform the operation under a powerful microscope and to immediately correct the smallest deviations. In most cases, root canals are treated carefully and under highest scrutiny, and the long term prognosis of the tooth is improved.

Special instruments allow even strongly bent canals to be gently cleaned, and this greatly contributes to a successful treatment. Magnifying glasses and a microscope are indispensable for this treatment. Concealed root canals, extensive branching, and various cavities are only visible under magnification.

These elaborate treatments require much skill and patience and can only be realized through additional payment of the patient. Why is this? The technique has become so advanced that we can now significantly improve the long term prognosis of a tooth. Unfortunately, medical insurances still only offer to pay the same amounts that were agreed upon for the less elaborate and successful treatments of the past. The current chaotic contractual situation unfortunately allows no alternative at this time.

An incompletely thorough root canal treatment will lead to repeated infection of the root canal in the long run, and therefore to an inflammatory response in the bone. This can then only be reversed or renewed using the modern, elaborate techniques mentioned earlier. At this point, often the tip of the root canal must now be surgically cut back - therefore there is basically no alternative to our modern treatment methods.

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