Invisalign is a new form of aligner therapy. This American treatment concept allows teeth to be aligned with transparent plastic mouth guards. The teeth are brought to their final position using a sequence of several specially designed aligners. Depending on the severity of the initial false alignment, the therapy can last between six and 18 months.

With the help of a special computer program and a dental cast taken before the treatment, a 3-dimensional image of the target alignment is created. The treatment is divided into separate phases. Each individual phase is treated by one aligner, which must be worn for two weeks (23 hours a day).

Why choose Invisalign?

Researchers from King’s College in London came to the conclusion that health, youth, and vitality aren’t the only things you exude with a flawless smile. Even things such as strength, intelligence, competence, calmness, and credibility were associated with straight and beautiful teeth. For the study, test subjects were given photos of smiling people. People with unclean and crooked teeth were not just regarded as less attractive. They were also perceived to be less intelligent and less popular.

A similar result was found by a study of the university of Regensburg: people with attractive faces were rated as social, capable, successful and intelligent. You can find out more by reading the corresponding article by Dr. Soenke Harder in the Huffington Post.

Invisalign treatment consists of the following steps:

1. Consultation

During the initial consultation, we will discuss your particular goals and needs and inform you whether the Invisalign treatment is possible in your case. We will determine the state of your oral hygiene and check your teeth for cavities.

2. Creating Diagnostic Records

For an exact diagnosis, a detailed examination of the teeth, mucus membranes, and both the upper and lower jaw is vital. We create dental casts, x-ray images, and take photos of your face. After a thorough evaluation of the diagnostic material, we will discuss all treatment steps with you and create your individual treatment and cost plan.

3. Treatment and Cost Plan

In this step we will inform you of the exact duration of the treatment and discuss each of the steps along the way. This can include appointments for teeth that need to be repaired as well as instructions for oral hygiene and teeth cleaning. You will also receive an estimate for the cost of the therapy. You will then have the opportunity to submit this estimate to your private insurance or complementary insurance.

4. Appointment for the Special Invisalign Dental Cast and Photographic Documentation

The Invisalign treatment begins. You should plan about 60 minutes for the silicone casting and photographs. In order for the current position of your teeth to remain fixed until you begin wearing the first official Invisalign aligner, a removable retention aligner (the same as an Invisalign aligner) is created for you which you must only wear at night. We then create an online schedule for the Invisalign treatment and the planned treatment simulation, the so-called Clincheck. This is reviewed by the practitioner, and finally the number of aligners per dental arch is determined.

5. Insertion of the First Aligner

Some time after the casting of the silicone molds, the first aligners are inserted. Before insertion, so-called Attachments (small „knobs“ made of tooth-colored plastic) are glued to the teeth, which are removed at the end of the treatment. They allow a more accurate movement of the teeth. After an in-depth explanation of the use of Invisalign retainers, you receive the complete retainer sets for daily use.

6. 14-day Retainer Change and Examination

Every 14 days, you must stop wearing your current Invisalign aligner and switch to the next one in the sequence. About every six weeks, the retainers and the movement of the teeth are inspected at the dentists office. If the result at the end of the treatment phase differs from your goal, optimization retainers are created until you are completely satisfied with the treatment.

7. Life-Long Retention

After the Invisalign therapy, it is recommended to ensure a life-long retention of your result by using so-called Retainers. These are thin, stabilizing wires that are glued to the inside of the front teeth. These are completely invisible from the outside.

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