Why give up on the perfect smile when it is so easy to achieve?
With veneers, gently evening out minor malocclusions and restoring worn-out tooth enamel is an uncomplicated affair. Color and shape can be redesigned, and healthy functioning of the teeth can be restored.

Veneers are thin ceramic layers that are applied to the surface of the teeth with a special adhesion method. They restore the natural shape of the tooth enamel. Because of the design and adhesion method of the ceramics, they are indistinguishable from intact teeth. The thin ceramic layer refracts light exactly the way a real tooth would. A special form of veneers are so-called Lumineers or Non- Prep Veneers, in which case the veneers are simply applied without any of the original tooth enamel needing to be sanded or removed. Lumineers or Non-Prep Veneers are therefore rated very highly by our patients:

The original tooth remains unaffected, which allows the procedure to be performed completely without any anesthetic.

You will never regret choosing veneers. The return on the initial high investment is the long life of the product, and the result is that you get a perfect smile.

To facilitate the decision process, we analyze your exact needs and expectations in an initial consultation. What bothers you exactly about the appearance of your teeth? We create photos and casts of your teeth to create a mock-up (a simulation of the desired, ideal situation which can be created through special dental impressions). This is the most important step.

This way, all your questions will be addressed and your ideas and wishes can be immediately visually implemented.

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